Around 89 of seafood in the world comes from the Asia Pacific region. Fishing boats in this region are tough places and slavery has been rife on these boats as well as in some processing factories.


Ghost Ship

An introduction into slavery on fishing boats.


Fishing and Seafood



Supporting a sustainable fishing industry

71 of seafood eaten in Australia is imported. The solution is not simply to 'Buy Australian’ as the demand for seafood far outstrips the supply. The countries we import from need a safe industry for its workers.


Seafood Quiz

What percentage of seafood consumed in Australia, is imported?

  • 53
  • 71
  • 24
  • 87

Points: 2

What are some of the forms of modern slavery found in the seafood supply chain?

  • Forced Labour
  • Child Labour
  • Bonded Labour
  • All of the above

Points: 2

True of False. Police, Mafia and traffikers work together in some circumstances to trap prople in Modern Slavery.

  • True
  • False

Points: 1

Which of the following help make a difference to ending slavery in the seafood industry?

  • Clear codes of conduct for vessels
  • Supporting the rights of workers to organise and collective bargaining
  • Audits of the supply chain (including the recruitment practices)
  • Electronic traceability of vessels and catches
  • All of the above

Points: 3

What contributes to people migrating for work in fishing?

  • Poverty at home
  • Hope for a better life
  • Crops failing due to climate change
  • All of the Above

Points: 1