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From farm to factory from Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the America’s and Africa to Asia there is evidence of modern slavery practices in the creation of a garment. The clothes we wear have the misery of others woven in them.

Where does your T-shirt come from?

Uzbekistan: Fact Sheet

Description: A resource that outlines and details some of the extent of abuse, human trafficking and slavery that goes on in the Uzbek cotton industry. A good resource for keeping informed on the issues of slavery within the fashion supply chain and hearing real stories of how people affected by slavery are in plight.

Fashion Fact Sheet

The clothes that we buy and wear arrive on shop shelves after a long journey starting at the source, cotton being a main contributor. Cotton is grown and harvested in Australia as well as in faraway fields around the world, then it is spun, dyed and woven into fabric in factories.



The cotton people are forced to harvest and the clothes people are exploited and enslaved to make maybe those we purchase and wear.

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