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Encourage students to undertake tasks for which they receive points (they will find them in the shops). Classes or schools are recognised for their collective actions and can even compete!

The resources are intended for use by primary, junior and senior high school students.

We have developed a lesson plan and PowerPoint presentation for both Cocoa and Fashion. These introduce concepts of child labour and labour exploitation by exploring where chocolate and clothes come from.

For senior students, the Chocolate and Fashion stores and Hall of Records contain a selection of PDF reports, interactive websites, video clips, testimonies and infographics.

Designed to provide students with the essential information regarding child labour and trafficking into both Ghana and Côte dʼIvore for cocoa farming, and human trafficking and labour exploitation in the fashion industry.

There are also a number of further reading reports and articles which are intended for investigation into underlying causes, perspectives and issues around child labour, the poverty line, living incomes, labour exploitation and human trafficking.

We have organised these resources in a way that encourage and develop research and literacy skills. We encourage students to take the time to consider each of the resources and determine those which are most applicable to their assessment brief.


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