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This website is designed to offer you insights and actions to prevent and end Modern Slavery. We need to be able to tell business what we want and preference and praise businesses that are moving in the right direction.

You can register in the top right hand corner to be able to receive points for actions you take. You will also receive an email from time to time to update you on the difference your actions have made.

Welcome to In Plain Sight

Groups, Schools, clubs, ...

As well as individuals being able to register, groups such as a class in a school or a whole school a youth group a club such as Rotary

The instructions are on each page. Once registered the scores from actions of the individuals in the group are aggregated, giving a class, school, group or club score. In this way these groups can see their overall effort and can compete against each other to receive the highest score.

Click on the outside of the store to enter. A popup descroption of the industry or commodity and how it is connected to modern slavery will appear.
Books contain links to information sheets and books related to the industry.
The cash register gives you actions you can take and recieve points for
Products in the store liead to an Infographic of the supply chain and how this connects to you.
Watch video clips.
Maps show the countries in the world where Modern Slavery has been reported in the supply chain of this product
Thumbs up Good News ! Read some of the good news stories in this setion
Takes you to the next store
Back to the Main screen
Provides you with about 30 of the best reports, videos, articles and websites relating to each area of Modern Slavery highlighted in the website


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